Director General's Message



Alhamdulillah, I would like to extend my highest gratitude to Allah the Almighty for His abundant grace and blessing have given me the strength and ease in carrying out the task entrusted here in Department of Insolvency Malaysia. Indeed, this trust is not an easy task to implement.

As we all know, we are leaving the year 2019. Various efforts have been made by MdI with full commitment in administering the individual and corporate insolvency. MdI plays a role in balancing the interests of the parties involved not only in the bankruptcy administration, wound up companies, but also in the deregistered societies and trade unions' administration.

It is MdI's aim to provide an efficient service that is transparent and customer friendly. As Head of Department, I have delivered several messages to all officers of the department with the awareness and importance of carrying out their assigned tasks. However, complaints from the public are inevitable. MdI continues to work to resolve these issues more prudently and according to the existing legal provisions.

The department's main focus is on resolving bankruptcy cases for bankrupt individuals and MdI strives to work harder. MdI desperately needs the cooperation of individuals who are declared bankrupt because without their cooperation it would be difficult for MdI to handle the bankruptcy case until the end. The opportunity to be released from bankruptcy remains, as long as full cooperation are given. MdI's efforts to raise public awareness on cooperation and responsibility in bankruptcy administration are ongoing. MdI through its 21 Branches are often involved in awareness programs and briefings on Individual insolvency. I believe that having this full awareness and cooperation will provide a better opportunity for the public, especially for individuals who have been declared bankrupt with the knowledge of bankruptcy case administration.

The year of 2020 is here and MdI will continue to strive to perform the given trusts and tasks efficiently. Therefore, I would like to invite all parties to join in full force and play a part in achieving this goal. Thus, it is my hope that the public will also be able to understand better the role and function of MdI. One way to get the latest information is through the portal and the official Facebook page of the department which provides information on various roles and services by MdI. Department officials can also be reached if the public has further questions on the status of case or complaint that can assist us in carrying out our duty more effectively.

Finally, I urge all parties, especially MdI officials to play a part in achieving the vision of making advancement for the department and alongside achieving Government's aspirations.

"MdI Is Always Proactive"

Dato' Anita Binti Harun
Director General of Insolvency
Malaysian Department of Insolvency