28. Is there an automatic discharge for a bankrupt?

Automatic discharge is only subject to the prerequisites as stipulated by the Act as follows:

(a) Bankruptcy Notice (BN) issued only on and after 6 October 2017;

(b) has already filed and submitted the statement of affairs under section 16 of Act 360;

(c) has filled out an application form and undertaking to comply with the target contribution and to file an account of moneys and property every six (6) months;

(d) the duration for monitoring of the target contribution (TC) of three years starts from the date the statement of affairs is filed; and

(e) the bankrupt has achieved the (TC) as determined by the DGI taking into account some of the matters set forth in the Act.

Note: Any bankrupt who fails to complete the target contribution(TC) within three years as set forth, therefore such bankrupt is not eligible for automatic discharge and the case will be administered as usual until a further situation can be decided later by MdI.