Chief Digital Officer (CDO)

Nama              : DATO’ CHE SUKRI BIN CHE MAT
E-mail             : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
No. telefon     : 03-8885 1091
The roles of Chief Digital Officer are as follows:

  • Change leader through alignment of Agency ICT Strategic Plan (ISP) with the Agency Stategic Plan and Public Sector ISP;
  • Implement aand coordinate usage of policy, standard and ICT best practices;
  • To adopt and implement usage of ICT in Agency Service Delivery System;
  • Implement innovation through application, ICT infrastructure and security;
  • To assist Director General in ensuring the allocations under MdI's ICT Security Policy (DKICT) are acknowledged and complied by all users;
  • To ensure the ICT security needs are implemented and enforced;
  • To coordinate and manage training plans and ICT security awareness programs such as preparation of MdI's DKICT, risk management and audit management;
  • Implement initiatives of Agency Green ICT Security Policy;
  • Responsible for any matters related to MdI’s ICT security.