Information Technology Division


Information Technology Division is responsible for managing and monitoring the software application and systems, the technical services as well as the networks used by MdI and it branches throughout Malaysia.

The Division comprises of three units with the following core functions:

System Monitoring Unit

  • Assist, update and response in identifying major existing system failures or weaknesses at MdI in order to plan, upgrade and repair systems.
  • Conduct close monitoring on Insolvency Integrated System (INSIST) implementation at 21 branches throughout Malaysia and assist in solving data management.
  • Provide consultation and advice on the issues of ICT to MdI's top management and other interested parties.
  • Simplify and coordinate the implemenation and integration of application systems inclusive of online search systems (e-Insolvency system).
  • Determine the security and validity of the secured information system data and ensuring all safety aspects been taken into account from time to time.

System Maintenance Unit

  • Supports system administration and manages database administration.
  • Study and plan ICT development and provide technicial support service.
  • Raise the level of awareness and ICT usage skills among staffs.
  • Acts as technical support centre for staff at MdI.
  • Develops and maintains MdI's official website and intranet.
  • Records all details of call/enquiries made and advice or assistance provided for reference purpose and statistical use.

Search Operation Unit

  • Manage search application through application forms (e-Insolvency, Form K & Form L) received from clients.
  • Print/produce original Official Search Receipt for bankruptcy and winding up search based on information from the database.
  • Provide efficient assistance and service to the public in bankruptcy and winding up search.
  • Create, manage and update database in ensuring data integrity and easy access to bankruptcy and winding up information.