10. What are the disqualifications of a bankrupt?

After being given a Bankruptcy Order, the bankrupt is disqualified from:
(a) holding the office of a Member of Parliament/Member of State Legislative Assembly;
(b) holding public office (subject to the decision of Government Disciplinary Board;
(c) holding certain positions in statutory bodies, registered societies or organizations;
(d) practising in certain professions;
(e) carrying on business alone or in partnership or by way of a company;
(f) working in the business of a relative;
(g) commencing or maintaining any court action without the sanction of DGI other than an action for damages in respect of an injury to his person;
(h) leaving Malaysia without the permission of DGI or court;
(i) any money or gratuity received by the bankrupt must be vested on DGI to be distributed to the creditors (subject to the discretion of the DGI); and
(j) enforcing his rights under certain legislation.